Ladies, don’t let these 7 healthy foods ruin your weight loss plan!

Ladies, don’t let these 7 healthy foods ruin your weight loss plan!

You’ve lost 10 pounds so far on your weight loss journey! Way to go!  You only have 5  pounds more to lose, you see the light at the end of the tunnel but everyone knows the last 5lbs are the hardest. Don’t let these foods derail your weight loss plan! Here’s a list of foods that women (in particular) consume while trying to shed their last and most stubborn 5-10lbs.

Seaweed Snacks (Sneaky Nutrition)- A good meal plan includes nutrient dense foods which dont leave you wanting more. These snacks are nutritious but one serving is only half the container. Who eats only half?? Just when you thought you were having 30 calories, you’re actually taking in 60! Additionally, seaweed snacks are naturally salty and fatty which makes the brain want something sweet and can derail a nutrition plan or a weight loss plan. Example: Trader Joes Roasted Seaweed Snacks Pro Fat Carb

seaweed snacks
Yogurt Cups (The Weight Loss Catalyst)- Yogurt is widely used in all different types of weight loss plans because they can be both fat free and sugar free. However, yogurt is sneaky because the dairy could be triggering your hormones in ways that keep you from your weight loss goals. So, that “Triple Zero Oikos” is great, in theory, but dairy could be causing inflammation or different endocrine responses that keep weight on you. Yogurt is also another food choice which could lead you to hunger sooner especially if you are eating the “less fat” version. Conversely, eating the “full fat” version will keep you full for longer BUT those fat grams are still eating up some of your fat budget.

Example: Triple ZERO Oikos 1 serving- Pro 15g

Fat 0g Carb 14g CAL 120

Yogurt Snacks
Nuts (The Fat Loss Faker)- A “palm size” portion is 1/4 cup and it’s full of fat, albeit healthy fat. Still, its very difficult to lose weight with such a calorically dense food unless you have a supernatural level of self control. Many people eat them mindlessly at work or while watching TV and consume well beyond the recommended serving size because a measly serving size doesn’t fill you up. Keep them in your meal plan.  Plan your Meal plan, if you must, but make sure to measure and limit yourself to an ounce per day.

Example: Almonds 1/4 cup- Pro 7.6g

Fat 18.2g Carb 6.6g CAL 206

nut snacks

Coconut Oil- Every tablespoon you use contains 116 calories! Imagine how it adds up if you are cooking every meal
with it. It’s easy to overlook such a small portion as a tablespoon
Example: EVCO 1 tbsp-
Pro 0g    Fat 13.5g
Carb 0g  CAL 116

coco oil

Sushi rolls (brown rice rolls included)
Its not the rolls, it’s the sauce! Soy sauce packs a mean sodium punch leaving you bloated, Eel sauce is
pure sugar, and mayonnaise is like eating pure oil. Let’s also remember that brown rice still is RICE!
Example: 6-8 pieces Rainbow roll
Pro & lt;35g
Fat 16g
Carb 50g  CAL <500

sushi rolls

Almond milk
Yay for milk alternatives but here in lies an opportunity to cut unnecessary calories. We like to say: “A
good meal plan provides the MAXIMUM NUTRITION from the MINIMUM CALORIES”. Almond milk has
little nutritional value.

almond milk

Protein shakes
Protein shakes are an awesome source of lean protein especially for women who struggle to eat enough
total daily protein. However, in the final push to your goal, you’ll get the most benefit from a whole
unprocessed piece of food because its takes more energy to digest.
Example: Homemade w/ whey protein 1 shake
Pro 15-40g   Fat 0-20g
Carb 0-150g  CAL 0-800

protein shakes