The 45 Day Challenge


The 45 Day Challenge is simple: for 45 consecutive days get your butt off the couch for 20 minutes of moderately intense exercise. Why? Because it will take you approximately 45 days to make exercise a habit and, therefore, an indispensable part of your daily health and fitness. According to the the article below, Americans spend, on average, 40 minutes per day grooming and 2.5 hours of watching TV.

Here’s How You Spend Your Days, America- The Washington Post

You wouldn’t skip showering or brushing your teeth for 45 days, would you? That would be ludicrous. Well, it’s just as ludicrous not exercising just as consistently.  Consider that taking care of your hair, skin and nails routinely while neglecting your muscles and joints is like waxing and washing your car every single day but never looking under the hood. Exercise is so incredibly important for the proper function of your brain and body that you must find a way to work it into your routine and we are here to help for 45 days!

If you have not exercised for the past 45 days or more, let us help kickstart you.  Contact us at Triangle Theory Training and we’ll help you make daily moderate exercise as easy as brushing your teeth. There is no cost, you are not providing payment information, and  there is no requirement to make a purchase after you accomplish your 45 day goal. However, You will be given full support by our team, including assistance in creating a plan and tracking your progress.

We hope to help usher you into a new way of life with great health and longevity.

To Begin:

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Please and indicate your level of fitness:

Level 1(Beginner)

Currently not exercising at all.  Little to no exercise experience.

Level 2(Intermediate)

Currently exercising but not consistently enough to see measurable and/or sustained results

Level 3(Advanced)

Currently exercising regularly and have seen results but have reached a plateau