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Triangle Theory Training

Welcome to Triangle Theory Training, the high-end, revolutionary workout regimen created by certified personal trainer, Larry Cook. By incorporating a balance of three essential elements, Triangle Theory Training not only effectively shapes one’s body, it aims to improve a person’s overall health as well. A personal trainer for over 15 years, Larry Cook’s clients include men and women of different ages and professions. From teenagers to seniors, soccer moms to lawyers, doctors and showbiz personalities, Larry has transformed each of their lives and helped them achieve and maintain the goals they envisioned for themselves. Read on to learn more about Larry Cook and his Triangle Theory Training program.

20971 Burbank Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91367




I have worked with a number of trainers over the years so I have a good basis for comparison. I was happy with my other trainers at the time but Larry has proven to be the best. He has an excellent knowledge of physiology, and a keen awareness of how each exercise looks when done properly. He explains each exercise in simple terms that I understand easily. He is able to tell me exactly where I should feel each exercise, allowing me to know whether I’m doing it correctly. His feedback gives each of my work-outs optimum efficiency. I have obtained incredible results, and learned a lot in a short time. Larry is very professional. I never feel intimidated or embarrassed even if I can’t do something right away. He always puts me at ease, interjecting encouragement and humor. He makes the work-outs as much fun as they are effective.

I honestly was blown away by the results that I saw in just the first 3 weeks of training with Larry! In addition to helping me get rid of my butt, Larry has been helping me correct posture issues that I wasn't even aware of eliminating knee pain I had occasionally gotten from running for the past 4 years.
Larry takes that dreaded workout and turns it into an eagerly anticipated experience. He mixes up each session keeping it exciting yet challenging. He knows how to push you both mentally and physically to achieve maximum results and his customized program has included an easily adaptable nutrition plan, full body resistance routine and flexible cardio sessions. All I can say is results, results, results.... Thanks Larry!

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